Sexy brunette Josephine Jackson is masturbating, watched by Nick Moreno, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “A Way To Love” begins. Josephine has an orgasm that puts a delighted smile on her face as Nick joins her on the bed, kissing her passionately. Her beautiful big breasts jiggle as her man goes down to eat her shaved pussy; she strokes his thick cock eagerly before taking it in her mouth, then guides it into her juicy slot. Josephine’s moans rise in pitch and volume as Nick fucks her vigorously, stirring his shaft around inside her to drive her wild. She has another powerful climax, then straddles Nick in cowgirl and rides him hard. His hands are drawn to her bouncing breasts as she squats and slides up and down on his rigid pole, another intense orgasm tearing through her voluptuous body. They keep on slamming together until they climax in unison, Nick’s cum seeping from his sweetheart’s sticky pussy as they cuddle, breathless and utterly sated.

What a treat to see Josie Jackson back so soon in her eighth movie and the second time she has starred with Nick Moreno. It will be fascinating to see how this does on the stats, because the first film they made together, Horizon of Love, was the twelfth most watched feature of 2021 and the second most liked. On average, Josie’s movies rate in the top quartile on the site and she is super popular, rating in the top 10% of movie actresses on SexArt.

All three of us think that Nick is one of the more attractive actors to appear on this site and despite having been cast with some not particularly highly rated actresses, the movies he has starred rank fourth on average views compared to other actors who made their debut in 2020/21. His most watched feature is Romantic Getaway with the unforgettable Georgie Lyall, which has over 181,000 views.

If there is a downside to Nick, it is that to date, he hasn’t always been a dreamboat in bed, with a strong tendency to default to provide no more than a moving cock once the penetrative sex has started. This may not bother you if you are a guy, but if you are a girl reading this your enthusiasm for him may vary 🙂 But Nick has a nicely toned bod, isn’t over to top on muscle, and is nice to the girls. Plus, Josie clearly finds him fun enough to volunteer for a second helping! So will we be seeing Nick Moreno 2.0 in the same way that last year brought us Ricky 2.0, Max 2.0 and Max 2.0?

The movie is rendered at 60 Mbit/s and looks stunning, but the timecode hasn’t been left live. It looks to have been filmed in Tenerife, so either it has been held over since last summer (it would make sense if it had been made in July) or it is the first product of the team’s recent return to the island.

The film opens with Nick watching Josie masturbate in bed – if you are a girl and new to SexArt, don’t be put off by this! It looks super porny, but the film won’t turn out the way you think, so stay with it. If you are a guy watching, notice that it takes Josie three and a half minutes to come. All three of use will come within 3-5 minutes if we masturbate, and we expect to do the same during normal foreplay, and then to come roughly every two minutes right through the rest of the penetrative sex.

A couple where the partners are averagely good at sex should easily be able to achieve the same result, but on screen, with all the distractions, it takes a bit longer. Where Nick and some other actors fall down for us is that once the cock in puss sex starts, orgasms for the actress tend to be scarce because all they do is the moving erection thing, which does not make for outstanding sex.

Where Nick also disappoints in this movie is that he is wearing his ‘mummy knows best’ underpants. Ariel orders these in by the dozen purely in order to test our resolve, but she can’t scare us away even by having her actors flaunt themselves in passion killers like these 🙂

Lush overhead shot at 04:34. For some reason we have Andrew with us, possibly because he is Josie’s biggest fan (he says she reminds him of La, and we couldn’t possibly think why…) Nick starts a lick out and we loved the hand holding – with Josie already aroused, we all think she will come in nothing flat… and what a surprise, she has a mini almost straight away.

Lots of kissing to follow. Josie pulls down Nick’s underpants and gives him a brief blowjob starting at 06:09 that left us all as wet as wet. An equally brief peck at her boobs follows, but just as we are about to start writing our usual block capitals complaint to Ariel, Nick loses his underpants. Wild scenes of celebration on the couch here, with us half expecting Tabby to come because she can finally see Nick’s bot.

The penetrative sex starts just before 6 minutes and Josie gets a finger to her clit. This is a really good beginning to the sex from a girls point of view, because if you have the advantage of having come before the cock in puss sex starts, it is so much easier to come again, even with penetrative sex alone. The reason for that is that unlike men, our arousal doesn’t crash after we have come, it stays high – where we differ is that it can be harder for us to reach peak levels. Traditional sex might have been designed specifically to avoid that happening!

The reason why the majority of women have trouble coming during sex is partners who fail to communicate and work with them and who are crap at arousal management. This is why we are rarely impressed by actors who limit foreplay to less than 6 or 8 minutes and who rely entirely on a moving cock during the penetrative sex. We aren’t discriminating, because the same applies to sex on screen between girls, minus the cock in puss, obviously 🙂

Lush shot of Josie at 07:44 and the sequence that follows is molten hot. Just as we were mentally about to give Nick a smack on the bot for just doing the thrusting thing, he grabs her and kisses her (08:12), a side of Nick we have rarely seen. A bit of footsie sex follows, with some nice variation of the pace of his thrusting – if you want to be invited back IRL, please do not do what many porn actors do and just pace the rate of your thrusts to a metronome!

Hot, hot closeup at 09:26. If you look closely, Josie is lubricating like mad, something which often doesn’t happen for actresses. With partners who rely entirely on cock in puss sex, it is easy for us to run out of lubrication due to general lack of arousal from other sources, which is why 25% of women of all ages find sex uncomfortable (according to La and Andrew, that has a big role to play in why some men end up having a lot less sex than they would like – it isn’t just that their partners aren’t looking forward to it, they have a vested interest in avoiding it.) Closeups in movies tell a lot about how well the sex is working for an actress.

Nick kisses Josie again at 09:36 and he really goes for it. Lush little gasp from her and then he is back with his tongue to puss – this is only for a few seconds, but gosh, does it feel amazing when you are penetrated again, because all your sensors in your puss will have reset. The moment when you feel the first stretch as a man enters you is sublime, but only if you are running wet. After that, the feeling dials back quite a lot.

There is such a lot of tummy to tummy missionary in this movie that we aren’t surprised that Josie keeps giving little moans… neither of them has got a finger to her clit, which all of us would have done, but judging by her face and the sounds she is making at around 10:40, she may possibly have got a little bit distracted!

Lots more kisses and a lush pan just before 11:00, before they swap into cowgirl, with a fab closeup at 11:30. The frame at 11:33 is super erotic and it is so nice seeing Nick give her a hug. After that he commits a bit of a sin by keeping thrusting (cowgirl is at its best if your man stays still), but from the sound of her (!) Josie has enough control to make it work.

Just after 13 minutes, she shifts into proper cowgirl. Nick completely forgets himself and puts a hand on her boob. We can’t believe he did that! Call himself a porn actor? He should be ashamed for touching a woman above the waist 🙂

Shortly afterwards, he kisses Josie again, and she has a shattering orgasm beginning at 14:08 – even minis can be super intense. We adored the way the camera stayed on her face in closeup.

Back to tummy to tummy sex. If we had eye tracking software, we know where Andrew will be looking, but when we turn to check, he is giving Angie a meltingly sweet kiss. Angie blushes when she realises we are looking at her, and then gives a guilty little giggle. Big hug all round and we rewind.

We love all the kissing in this movie, Nick is still a bit ‘what do I do with my hands?’ but he is getting less and less self-conscious about it with every movie he makes. Josie gets a lush hug at 15:37 and her smile 10 seconds later is a peach, she is just so hot to watch.

By 16:06, Angie is distracting us by giggling and whispering at Andrew to behave, but we don’t think that she really means it. On screen, the range of expressions that Josie is coming up with are steadily reducing us to complete puddles and there is a stunningly hot sequence beginning at 16:24.

La has a completely unexpected orgasm, although possibly not a total surprise to her or Tabby, who also gets told to behave by our behaviour monitor. Tabby gives a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ big green eyed look of innocence and then very nearly chokes trying not to laugh.

On screen things are getting to the incandescent stage. Josie feels that Nick is about to come about a second before he does – you can feel your man’s cock swell just before it starts to pump. It is out there on its own as an experience during sex, and if you have a man who can come more than once, it is utterly lush.

We loved this from start to finish. Nick is getting better in every film we see him in, and we think that possibly Ariel has something to do with that. If he could just remember to get a finger to clit more often, and he had reminder that breast sex is rather nice, then we could become quite enthusiastic about him. He has seriously improved on kissing and hugs, and he doesn’t weld his hands onto his partner’s hips so much, so we think he should be given lots of encouragement.

A Way to Love will possibly attract a few negative comments from the boys because the blowjob was so short, but from our point of view, more breast sex would have been lovely, as would more cunnilingus. But, but, but, there was an ocean of tummy to tummy sex, tons of kissing, Nick gave some utterly fab hugs, Josie clearly had an epic time, and we thought it had one of the best endings in a SexArt movie just about ever.

  • Cast:Nick Moreno & Josephine Jackson
  • Director:Andrej Lupin
  • Released:Jan 16, 2022
  • Runtime:19:10
  • Executive Producer:MetArt Films
  • Producer:Ariel Piper Fawn
  • Camera Operator:John Humble, John Sweet
  • Still Photographer:David Jones
  • Editor:John Sweet
  • Makeup Artist:Nica MUA
  • Production Manager:Lucy Licott
  • Production Assistant:Jacob Piece