Curvaceous brunette Antonia Sainz joins Jesus Reyes in the bathroom for fun on a “Fresh Morning.” As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, the lovers embrace, Jesus grabbing his sweetheart’s lace-clad ass amorously. Moving to the bedroom, he throws her on the bed and showers her beautiful breasts with kisses, then peels off her panties and licks her pussy until she’s quivering with arousal. Antonia strokes her man’s thick cock against her slippery slot before guiding it inside, gasping as he thrusts deeps. Jesus fucks her with vigor, driving her to an intense orgasm, and then another. She presses his hard cock between her soft breasts, making them jiggle invitingly, then straddles him in cowgirl and grinds against his shaft. Antonia climaxes again, then impales herself, sliding up and down sensuously. Jesus thrusts up into her as she rides, fucking her to peak after peak of bliss before she jerks out his creamy load.

This is the fifth movie in which Jesus has starred in under Andrej Lupin’s direction, and we have enjoyed them all, our favourite – so far – being Lovely Care, partly because once Emily Mayers starts coming, she doesn’t stop. Since Antonia is really good at sex too, this pairing more or less has to work!

Fresh Morning is a location movie and from the intro it looks as if we are back in the Canaries? Antonia is looking absolutely fab as she walks in wearing her undies, and we adored her French braid. First kiss is just before two minutes – thank you to whoever left the timecode live!

If you compare the movies Jesus made 2017-2020 to his more recent appearances, it is like watching two different actors, and we are sure that this has to be down to the direction – how he is asked to approach the sex. Alis Locanta shot Jesus’ first eight movies and while all are watchable, Alis seemed to be much less interested in the quality of the sex than in the camerawork. With the exception of Fuck Me Again and Again, all have less than average views, with only White and Black and Blind Date 2 getting close.

There is a lush moment at 02:40 when Antonia reaches down to place Jesus’ hands on her boobs and the editing of this sequence is so good that we checked if Adele Hollis was involved – and she is. There are lots of proper kisses before Jesus throws Antonia onto the bed shortly afterwards – love the giggle! A brief bit of breast sex follows – how fortunate that she was already hanging out of her bra – before Jesus gets more or less straight to puss at 04:30. There is some lush nipple play at 04:53:22, with Antonia beginning to respond as quickly as ever – few actresses can get their heads into the sex as quick as she.

Another lush frame at 5:39:09 and if you watch her tummy closely, Antonia has a rather delicious mini beginning at 06:09, almost exactly four minutes after the first kiss. So, more or less perfect foreplay, we anticipate a lot more orgasms to follow.

After some mutual masturbation, the penetrative sex starts at 07:10 with some utterly fab tummy to tummy sex. All three of us adore this, and we would imagine that most other women do, because there is something incredibly hot about feeling the weight of you man on top of you and your boobs crushing under his pecs.

We adored the frame at 08:02:09 too as Jesus drinks in the site of Antonia’s boobs (if you are well-endowed, you get used to this in the end!) We would have loved it if the closeup at 18:20 had been taken with the lens zoomed out a bit so that it included Jesus’ bottom – we know we are the only girls making comments here, but we are sure that many other women who are watching will feel the same way (-:

Antonia has another mini at 08:21, which is why Jesus pauses. There is a rather lush shot at 08:41:11 of her holding his arm, and another at 09:03:04. While we realise that you can’t see much of Antonia, having such a dose of full body contact sex will be helping her massively, and we think it will pay off throughout the rest of the sex. Why? Because it always works for us.

By 9 minutes, Antonia’s arousal is fully online and there is a lovely shot of her gripping the sheet as Jesus suckles her nipple. If you look at the closeup at 09:37:23, you can see how wet she is – her juice is glistening on Jesus’ cock, which is how it should be in even average sex. One of the reasons why we weren’t so keen on Slowly Get You, for example, is that Zuzu never got to this stage, and with a man who is even semi-competent at sex it should be easy. If you can’t get there, orgasms will be difficult to come by – closeups give a lot of clues about how good the sex is for the actress.

Lush frame at 09:34:14, with Antonia looking utterly fab (as we have said before, her bod is very like Tabby’s but Antonia is a cup size smaller.) Love the reflection in the window at 10:11:08 – Antonia comes again at 10:34 in an intense full-on – she either had a mini just before, or had a near miss. That was super hot.

Lovely closeup of Jesus’ cock inside her at around 11:30, followed by a cut to their faces, which we found stunningly erotic. Antonia has another full-on beginning at 11:54. She is one of the few actresses here who can reliably come with cock in puss sex alone, but having that first orgasm during foreplay will have been amazingly helpful. This one doesn’t really ease out until 12:20 – most full-ons last between 20 and 30 seconds.

Just after 13 minutes, Jesus lies back – all the actors have to do in these movies is lie there and enjoy it, you know 🙂

And then, to our utter and complete amazement, Antonia treats him to some boob sex at 13:30!!!! This is so rare in SexArt movies that we have always thought it was banned! We stop the film and find Andrew, because this is his absolute favourite sort of sex – his only comment is that it would have been even better if there had been another 15 minutes of it, and she had pressed her boobs together around his cock, so we all hit him with cushions.

After 30 seconds of that, Antonia tribs on Jesus’ cock, which, when you are as wet as she is, can be the most insanely erotic experience, because the skin that your puss and clit are sliding over is so stunningly soft… Jesus picks up lots of points by feeling her boobs, and by 15 minutes it is clear that Antonia is going to come any second. She gets Tabby’s ‘wild horses’ at 15:02 and has a classic fast-wave mini starting three seconds later. You really couldn’t wish for a more perfect example of a mini than that.

One of the benefits of minis is that the refractory time after them (before you can come again) is really short, and Antonia has a full-on beginning at 15:35. If you look at her tummy, the waves are slower, and the orgasm lasts longer, only fading away at about 15:55. By this point, having come half a dozen times, all three of us would orgasm just on initial penetration in cowgirl, so we hold our breath as Antonia feeds Jesus inside her sopping puss. The frame at 16:16:03 is intense… judging from the expression on her face, she is enjoying this.

At 17:02 we get a closeup of Antonia’s bot. Why, we all ask, do we not get one of Jesus’ behind, please? This is a big hint. Just one of the actor’s bot would do in each movie 🙂

The camera angle and framing at 17:17 is lush and at around 17:40, Jesus suckles Antonia as she rides him – he got super close at several points (18:26:17 and 18:28:21 are good examples) and she slows down to give him a chance of lasting a bit longer before she has the most volcanic full-on beginning at 19 minutes. The sex is becoming indecently intimate, because of them are so close to coming that they are having to move with exquisite care.

Antonia fits in one last orgasm at 20:41 – another full-on, before she masturbates him until he comes. There isn’t much afterplay, but we loved the frame at 22:20:03, and Jesus looked like the cat that got the cream 🙂

One of the many fab things about this movie is the way it shows the progression from having minis to full-on orgasms so well. This isn’t the way in all of us, but it is such a common arc that SexArt movies where the girls come more than twice often show it happening. For someone like Antonia – who is super confident in front of the camera and can enjoy the sensations of the sex without worrying about what she looks like – it is relatively easy to engage the mental arousal needed to come often. But it still needs a partner who can work with you to help you get there, and Jesus was all of that.

We loved this and it has gone into our favourites. The breast sex from 13 to 14 minutes was utterly fab, and Andrew is already negotiating about tonight!

  • Cast: Jesus Reyes & Antonia Sainz
  • Director: Andrej Lupin
  • Released: Jan 28, 2022
  • Runtime: 22:56
  • Executive Producer: MetArt Films
  • Producer: Ariel Piper Fawn
  • Camera Operator: John Sweet, John Humble
  • Still Photographer: David Jones
  • Editor: Adele Hollis
  • Makeup Artist: Nica MUA
  • Production Manager: Lucy Licott
  • Production Assistant: Jacob Piece